Voting Solutions software selected for Fonterra  board of directors and shareholder’s council elections


Oakland, CA--- April 8, 2002--- Voting Solutions, the leading developer of software for counting preference and choice style elections, announced that ChoicePlus Pro has been selected to process the Fonterra Co-operative Group Board of Directors and Shareholder’s Council elections.


Fonterra, based in New Zealand , is one of the world's top ten dairy companies.  The elections will run from April 30 through May 17. Results will be finalized and appointments made by 31 May.


ChoicePlus Pro is the leading software used for tabulating ranked-ballot elections in the U.S. including STV and Instant Run-Off Voting (IRV). Voting Solutions software is used for counting elections by businesses, political parties, churches, universities and non-profits. Additionally, ChoicePlus Pro is used to count public elections including Cambridge, MA, City Council and School Committee elections.


Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd is New Zealand's largest company,   employing approximately 20,000 staff and marketing dairy products in 140 countries around the globe. About one dollar in every five that New Zealand earns overseas ise earned by Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd and about seven percent of the country's GDP.Fonterra is governed by a board elected by its 13,000 supplying shareholders. . Its shareholders’ views are represented through a Shareholders’ Council. Please visit for more information.


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