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ChoicePlus Pro and Lite Comparison

  Lite Pro
Current version 1.32 2.1
Standard cost $45 * $15,000
Works on Windows platforms YES YES
Supports Choice Voting (STV) YES YES
Supports Instant Run-off Voting (IRV) YES YES
Supports fractional STV YES YES
Supports duplicate rankings YES YES
Supports Cambridge law YES YES
Supports New York City law YES No
Supports Irish law No Partially
Computer language written in C++ Java
Full auditing capabilities YES YES
Delimited reports No YES
Attractive HTML reports No YES
Interesting statistical reports No YES
Configurable terminology No YES
Ballot limit 5,000 None (memory)
Candidate limit 500 None (memory)
"Undefeatable" option No YES
Distributed count option No YES
Memory needed for 5,000 votes 8mb 32mb
Size of product prior to installation 816 kb 7.5 mb **
Automated testing feature No YES

* this is for a license limited to non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations, purchased online via credit card.

** this includes the Java Runtime Environment.